Ultimate Risk Solutions is a financial risk software company that developed Risk Explorer™, the Dynamic Financial Analysis model used by many of the leading insurers, reinsurers, brokers and regulators worldwide.

Risk Explorer™ is the most powerful, flexible and user friendly Dynamic Financial Analysis

software currently available that can be quickly and easily set up for:

Portfolio Risk Management, whether for primary insurers' business lines or for reinsurers' contracts;

Maximising the efficiency of ceded reinsurance or retrocession programmes, including non-traditional or finite alternatives;

Full financial statement modelling, evaluating volatility of financial results, such as Income, Surplus, Reserves or any other;

Determining Economic Capital requirements, Capital Allocation and RORAC;

Asset-Liability matching, Cash Flow analysis;

Ceded Reinsurance Cost Allocation;

Measuring performance of various segments of the company;

Data interchange with other applications, such as Cat Models and Microsoft® Excel.

The product range has evolved into a family of products supporting all aspects of business planning and enterprise risk management within the (re)insurance sector, including:

Translator++ for Excel DLL conversion tool for Excel spreadsheets, allowing customised extensions to Risk Explorer models

Ultifit Tool for fitting statistical distributions to source data (Curve fitting)

Res-Solver Deterministic and stochastic reserving software

Predictable Dynamics Global economic model (Economic scenario generator)